A pandemic, a relationship breakdown and halt to my work left me with time to realise I was moving into my late 40’s without having really accepted the changes happening in my life, or having asked who I want to be now. I felt in need of reclaiming myself to feel confident again and so reached out to Hardie. From the very start Hardie’s compassionate approach put me at ease. She guides you with care and gentle encouragement back to the essence of yourself, in a process that transforms any feelings of worry or apprehension into discovering the joy in being you again. Her approach is so complete and much more than I had anticipated. She brings to light your style in all areas of your life, from how you present yourself, to how you feel, so that your innate self becomes present in your work, life and relations. She has the gift of intuitive connection and the effects have had a profound and long lasting ripple effect, that has altered the course of my work and how I see myself entirely. It's truly one of the best gifts I have given myself.
Bordeaux, France

Hardie's rare talent is her ability to make clients feel comfortable. She creates a collaborative, positive environment. She's communicative, consistent, kind, and flexible. The attention to detail she gave is beyond anything I could wish for and I am a changed woman because of her. Chatting with Hardie was a light at the end of each week. Ever so grateful!
Charleston, South Carolina

I had never considered working with a style coach because I always thought it wouldn’t be accessible for me. I was not a celebrity; I wasn’t being photographed on a regular basis; and I don’t have a huge clothing budget. I had no idea that style coaches like Hardie worked with regular, everyday people and that the service can be affordable. Working with Hardie was time and money well spent. Meeting with her each week was fun, informative and motivating. She helped me look deep inside to determine how I wanted to express myself through clothing and my own personal style. We cleaned out my closet and now I wear everything that is in there. I got back on track with an exercise program I’d let lapse and I even started a new certificate program for my next career. If you’re feeling stuck in your life, I can highly recommend working with Hardie to get things moving in a new and exciting direction.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Working with Hardie was so much fun, a real treat i looked forward to each week. What good old girl fun to discuss clothes and colors and it was all about me! How rare is that to just sit back and explore yourself?! Who gets permission to do that! Being a total impulse shopper who always looked for things to hide my body, Working with Hardie educated me that I was dressing the wrong way for my body type, the complete wrong way. Having an hourglass shape , about 10 pounds overweight, I have been wearing big tops and skinny pants. And had a closet full of black and gray with scarves for some color . After trusting Hardie and trying things her way, I readily could see that big tops weren't as flattering as clothes that fit. I also take my color swatches when i shop and they help me pick the right colors for my complexion and they remind me what to stay away from. Hardie also encouraged me to make a hair style change that i love. Talking to Hardie each week was like talking to an old friend and we would just pick up where we left off the week before. She is very empathetic and wise about this subject! I recommend this experience to all!

Birmingham, AL