In this 6 week program, I help you reconnect with who you are, where you want to be in life as well as help you rediscover your personal style and how you want to present yourself each and every day. A wonderful course for those who are looking to REINVENT themselves for their next chapter! (WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? see below)


A lot of times women are busy in their careers, +/- raising kids, +/- taking care of their elderly parents or all of the above. She has been focused elsewhere and not on herself. And one day she realizes she doesn’t recognize herself when she looks in the mirror and is at a complete loss. She is not someone who wants to fight aging nor does she want to give up. She sees herself wanting to age gracefully – but where does she begin?

Or maybe she has been doing well on the aging front well into her 40’s and 50’s but has taken her eye off the ball. She hasn’t been focused or motivated to worry about how she looks or feels. But, she suddenly sees other women her age looking much better. How in the world do they look so good when time is really taking its toll on me? She then realizes the path they have chosen isn’t the one for her because she is not interested in plastic surgery nor spending her days trying to look young. 

She’s always wanted to age naturally and effortlessly but is realizing that to do that well you actually have to put effort in and be intentional. She also realizes it’s a lot more work as we get older. 

Either way, she starts to feel disconnected from herself and doubts herself. She doesn’t know where to begin and starts to put herself on the back burner.

She might stop socializing and putting herself out there. 

She might look online for guidance but only sees women who are anti aging and really doesn’t see many women doing it like she wants to which is stylish, authentic, purposeful and graceful. 

She has all but stopped shopping because all of the clothes seem like they are geared for the younger 20 year olds and besides, her body has changed and she doesn’t even know how to dress herself well anymore. And quite frankly, neither do the shop ladies. They just want to sell. 

Is any of this sounding familiar?

What if you shifted your outlook on aging from dread and negative thoughts to thinking it was a beautiful process? What if you were kinder to yourself rather than being critical of yourself when you’re showing signs of looking older? What if you were intrigued by the changes that were occurring and looked at it as an opportunity to evolve into being more authentically you?

This is what my work is about.

As a STYLE COACH I help you reconnect with yourself and help you express yourself in a way that is unique to you.