It is said that most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe. That leaves our closets full of unworn clothes that weigh us down and take up space both mentally + physically. Having a well managed wardrobe will not only inspire you but will also create a sense of calm that helps eliminates that feeling of 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' despite having a closet full of clothes. If this description sounds familiar then THE WARDROBE EDIT. Read below for more details.


We begin with a 15-minute complimentary consult call to tailor this service to your needs. (This can be scheduled in the SCHEDULE button above)

This service will be either in-person or virtual and will be carried out over 3 days. 

We will begin with a 1-hour consultation on the first day to get organized and ready for our 2 days ahead. We will discuss your personality, body lines and discuss the color palette that works in harmony with your coloring. If you would like to go deeper on this then please book a PERSONAL STYLE ANALYSIS prior.

We will work for 3 hours each day on Days 2 and 3. It is best to keep the momentum so Days 2 + 3 should be scheduled within the same week. We will schedule these on our 1st call.

During our time together, we will ::
        • Discuss your personality, look at your body lines and discuss colors that are in harmony with your coloring NOTE: We will touch on these rather than dive deep. 
        • Analyze your wardrobe: selecting proper basics as well as choose the pieces which best flatter your body shape, your complexion, and your style.
        • Sort out clothes that no longer work for you, are too damaged, are out-of-style or need alterations.
        • Optimize your wardrobe by composing several outfits for the current season.
        • Discuss a Capsule Wardrobe.
        • Share expert tips to accessorize your outfits.
        • Identify what’s lacking in your wardrobe and create a NEEDS SHOPPING LIST. A list of options for places to shop based on style and budget will be provided.

One of the things you will absolutely love after this service is how you’ll feel when you walk into your closet. Knowing everything has been thought through and organized makes it easy for you to get dressed efficiently and creatively. It will also bring you a sense of confidence and ready for the challenges that lie in the day ahead.

Value of a Wardrobe Edit
A closet full of clothes ready to wear that you love
Save time when getting dressed
Save money by eliminating costly mistakes
Understand what works for you (and doesn’t) and why